Oil & Gas
We provide expertise in construction, engineering, ESC, EPCC, oil & gas and related facilities as reflected in our strong track record. Multi product terminal loading, terminal gas pipelines, submarine gas pipelines, piers, SPM Terminal.
IT Integration and RFID system
We provide Selecting Hardware that best meets the Requirements. Hardware Integration and testing with NEO-RF Middleware, Software Application Integration with Middleware , Full system Integration and Testing.
Semi Knock Down Vehicle Assemble (SKD)
SKD Assembly of Light Commercial vehicle (LVC) which shall be most suitable type of vehicle and strategic vehicle. For marketing considering, with consideration of new paradigm of automotive industry and global standard of 21st century.

Green Technology

We provide a product that enables individuals and organization to cut carbon emissions and create s an avenue for vehicles to run a better, more efficient without fossil fuel.All our services are to encourage and promote business models inline with our Prime Minister’s call for 40% carbon emissions intensity reduction by year 2020 at Copenhagen in 2009.

Environmental Works

The Environmental Management Work Group was formed to identify environmental issues and initiate the mobilization of environmental management strategies and action plans for environmental hotspots for coastal zone development as well as to provide environmental management recommendations and suitable adjustment as applicable in institutional and legal system.

Telecommunication Tower

Our installation teams are fully equipped and experienced to handle any type of towers and mast installation works on world wide basis. We have the most experience installation team in the country. We also provide experienced installation supervisors to oversee tower and foundation works, carried out by the client.

Ground Water

Groundwater is water located beneath the ground surface in soil pore spaces and in the fractures of rock formations.A unit of rock or an unconsolidated deposit is called an aquifer when it can yield a usable quantity of water. The depth at which soil pore spaces or fractures and voids in rock with water is called the water table.


Our Mission

MQUEST’s mission is to be an incubator and accelerator for catalyzing scientific and renewable energy products to hug the EARTH.

We will serve as a coordinating body for a range of sustainable businesses that bring to the market technologies.